Thursday, 30 January 2014

The beginning of the end

Over the life of this blog I have shared with you some information about what I love and one of those things is fitness. For those of you who do not know I'm climbing Mt Everest base camp this year, something that I have been in training over the period of about 16 months. 5am mornings, long hikes on weekends and late night workouts combined with watching what I eat pre, post and during exercise has been essential. Mt Everest base camp is just base camp, its not the summit but then I suppose I understand when people think I'm a little crazy considering I'm hiking 6 kilometres into the atmosphere. Training, psychological and physical, has consumed a lot of my time and I suppose in some respects I disgust friends and family but for the most part I think they just get worried about my end goal and all the horror stories that media is so good about circulating. Either way since training has been so much a part of my life I have learnt a lot about myself, I have psychology training to thank for this as my art- training- really mirrors life in every aspect of it.

I really wanted to share with you how this personal goal of mine, climbing Mt Everest, has made me a better person. There is plenty to talk about so I am going to do it as part of a series, I will begin with how I got this crazy idea in my head and then move on to training and the personal discovery of myself and others in the process of achieving my goal. Each week a new part of the series will be posted for you to engage with, comment on, laugh about. Even if you are not interested in hiking or sport I beg of you don't switch off, it will be worth your while. I hope you enjoy what's in store.

Julia :)

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