Monday, 31 March 2014


Recently I commented on a fitness post on Pinterest that suggested controlled inner thigh movements were a 'lazy woman's workout' . This bothered me for two reasons:

1. Whoever is doing them is exercising, they should be supported
2. People criticised without knowing the actual exercise it's purpose, the muscles it engages and if completed under different conditions the varied positive effects it can have on the body.

So me being me decided to respond putting my two cents in and commenting that I in fact do these 'lazy exercises' and then I outlined the exercises I do in a week, approximately. After I wrote 4000jump squats and 12kms of stairs, 40km hikes (there was more but I'll stop because you get the point and it's not about me) a random female user responded to my comment with 'well some people have to work don't they'.  They were quite surprised when I informed them that I work in excess of 40 hours a week, including weekends and am only paid for 25hours. Isn't it embarrassing when assumptions really make an ass out of us. 

Needless to say we all assume things all the time. Today is about TIME. What we have,what we don't and what we should do with it. Since the clock is ticking I'll begin...

Time. Irrespective of where you live time stands still. There are 24 hours in a day for you, for me and for the random you commute with everyday. Daylight savings is for shopping it's not because the world decided to give us a 'golden hour' of happy time. In fact for some this means more work, for others children still haven't gone to sleep yet and your craving your break and for others  it's a chance to pretend like you have an extra hour when don't. Common theme here- we all have the same time.So what don't we have time for?

First and foremost we don't have time to complain about time. Ironic isn't it. The amount of people talking about time on a daily basis almost cements this falicy in our minds that time will suddenly gong later than right on the 12, just because it can hear us talking about it. Wrong. All the time we spend talking about time means that we lose time. Instead we should be making sure we aren't wasting time. Time is forever being referred to as the most valuable thing you can give to others or to yourself yet we give it away constantly on unimportant things, arguing or overthinking (cue for woman to start nodding their heads) - we absolutely have to stop this. If you have been to funerals you will notice time and again people always refer to what a person did while they were here. People aren't looking for amazing astronaut type feats they just want to know who you really are. Doing things that show us who we truly are is important and we MUST take time for this.

We must also make time for definitives or high modality language. Words like certain, will, definitely, can, have to permeate every single one of our conversations especially those we are having in the quiet times with ourselves. This leads me back to that first comment about the Pinterest  criticism. 

Firstly I can completely see how a person could assume that I don't work based on my fitness workload, I mean it's not as if everyone (though it is extremely popular now) is lining up to do Everest, but that is what I chose to do with my time. I own my time and I'm proud of what I do in my time, and you need to be too. Frequently especially as women we poke fun at each other, are quick to judge & even quicker to say that we don't have time and then sit back admiring others (like Bettina Rae at Little Old Souls and her mama efforts) however  that time we definitely need to be spending lifting ourselves up, being better people and encouraging others. 

As you can probably tell I am passionate about positivity and nurturing those who are motivated, determined and striving to achieve success, what I would really enjoy over the next few weeks is the opportunity to share some reader stories with you. What am I looking for? People with great positive attitudes, who are motivated for what they want to achieve.  I'm not asking for epic stories, even just your willingness to answer some questions would be superb. I really want to  celebrate  people, their achievements & their beauty because to me this kind of thing is always worthy of our precious time. 

If you would like to take part or have the contacts of someone you think would be suitable  to share a story/positive message please comment below or email to:

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Definitely stopped complaining about time here. I WILL have enough time for everything, because I DO. x