Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It's simple Love

Love. I always had romantic ideas of how it's meant to be. As a young girl I dreamt nothing more of meeting 'Mr Prince Charming' getting married at 21 and having my first child at 23. Now at 29 I'm glad I soon learnt that my 'ideal' form of romanticism was far too naive and left no room to love myself or to enjoy a career of my own. Then came romance of the teenage years where famous peoples faces and half naked bodies were thrown across magazines like meat; myself a keen reader. My idea of romance became another form of jaded naivety, a checklist of physical attributes. Either way history serves me with plenty of laughs from memories once realities and romance well, it hasn't changed much.

Young girls still dream of that amazing wedding day, stunning dress and brute of a man at the end of the aisle. Teenagers still prim their hair hoping Zac Efron will turn up around the corner (don't worry me too sometimes) and daily women still fantasise that their Mr will display the attributes of McDreamy. It's all a lovely ideal but nothing more.

You see love ceases to exist where expectations fail to recognise truth. I'm no expert on love but I doubt I'd find any woman or man who said their expectations and jaded ideas of their Mr or Mrs didn't blow up in their face at least once. Expectations are essential but what they silently comment is that even the most decent person isn't good enough; it's not people you should question it's expectation. 

Everyone wants to be swept off their feet by someone so much so that it is easy to forget that the sweeper mightn't wear Giorgio Armani, have a rocking hot body and no hang ups. In fact they definitely won't. Life isn't a Hollywood movie and it's success doesn't operate on ratings. It's the little things that count. It's the little things that build a life with someone or tear it down.

You only need to be appreciated, respected and thought of to know that you're loved. You do not require fancy attire, slick hair dos, exotic accents or the thickest wallet. You need to receive and give love willingly. Hold hands, smile, make each other laugh, sit in silence, challenge each other boldly, appreciate the awkwardness when you both don't know what's next and trust that when you are thought of you are in safe hands. To share this would be greater than any Hollywood romance. It doesn't come with an age range, a career stipulation or the physical degradation of another person but simply the total acceptance of another and the faith and hope to see it through. 

I hope everyday, not just when you are reminded of love (like on or around Valentine's Day), your heart can see how superbly simple love is. Live it, relish it, hope for it. 

Ciao lovelies xo

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