Friday, 29 November 2013

The constant craving

A lot of people understand what it means to want to travel but some don’t fully understand the constant craving you can have for travel. My thirst and hunger for travel is something that cannot be supressed.  
I was like this before I left to live in Greenwich, London, UK however it is so much stronger since then, I think this is because travel wasn’t just about learning about other cultures and exploring new places but about the place I got to be at with myself. When I left a few years ago I really needed a change and I didn’t really recognise how much I needed that change until I had left and was living in a different country for a while, but it’s not this feeling that gets me hooked on travel. It’s the discovery face. Well that’s what I call it. It’s when you walk in to a room, see a historic sight for the first time or finally come to terms with what you have achieved by making your travel goal a reality and it’s like all your Christmas’ have come at once. If you’ve never experienced that before it’s akin to realising how lovely the person you are with is and just how much they adore you. So this craving is back, never left really, it’s not something you can turn off or entertain with little Australian holidays, though don’t get me wrong I love my country, it’s a strong desire I know I would strongly regret if I didn’t do it.

Having travelled and having life deliver its twists and turns I know two things for certain- life is too short to supress the things we desire most and it’s far too easy to try and justify to ourselves that we shouldn’t or aren’t able to do the things we love. The bottom line is if you will miss it don’t remove it from your life. Recently plenty of people have been questioning my reason to take time off work when I want to in order to do the things I want but I know for a fact the desires I have, round world trip, climbing Mt Everest, snowboarding in Canada, seeing the New York skyline to name a few are things I’d miss if I didn’t experience them so right or wrong is somebody else’s eyes I’m doing what I’m doing. I know I’m not going to look back after 40 years or so of work and say ‘I regretted those 4 months off travelling the world and climbing the biggest mountain yet’.
To those celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope where ever you are that you are with loved ones, enjoying the time you have and planning for memories you’ll never regret. Happy belated Thanks giving! xo

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