Friday, 29 November 2013

Time flies

Wow its the end of November and I'm not sure how I got here! I'm not alone am I? The year has been quite epic- emotion filled, new job, new house and some new friends- it has been quite a busy time. Still knowing how much I have done does not mean I'm less horrified of the time of year that we are up to. It has been an AGE since I wrote and I guess that's why I feel like an 80year old typing as opposed to a Gen Y member flaunting her flashy fast paced typing skills. Time has damaged the fabric of my writing. So where do you start when it literally has been months. To be honest I don't know, so I'm just going to fill you in on what's been happening and not making any promises. Yes, that got you hooked right? I guess it's because I have intended to write so many things and then life happens. This is where I will introduce Brickers.

Brickers is the name I have decided to suddenly adorn my new house with. Brickers is a lovely 90s style townhouse with open plan living down stairs, you know the kind that just includes the lounge room and dining adjoining because its realistically only big enough for a living room. The kitchen is my favourite part of the house adjacent to this open plan liv/dining style and I love it the most because it is English. It has exactly about 1 metre space from bench to bench and shares its space with the laundry. I cannot quite explain what's so lovely about hearing the washing machine get off balance while cooking a roast or watching the elimination phase of X Factor. Reminds me frequently of how tranquil and serene my house truly is. The most glorious factor of the house though has got to be the black, maroon and shit brown bricks that make our house so full of life. I have learnt both the ways of decorating with contrasting colours and minimalism, since drilling bricks isn't a past time I'm an expert in. Either way quite quickly the new house has quickly become a home, its super nice to have independence again, a shorter trip to the gym, to work & air-conditioning. Creature comforts have returned, boxes are emptied and home life is chilled. So this is where I am writing from...for now. As you would have read recently I am jet setting away again in a few months so I apologise in advance if my thoughts end off in a tangent! What I am most recently excited about though is the season of Christmas. It's lovely and I typically get into the habit of surrounding myself in the spirit of Christmas, so look out for my ramblings on that. You'll probably hear me getting quite sentimental and reflective; but who doesn't at the end of a year!

I hope all have been keeping well...until next time...

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