Sunday, 8 December 2013

My favourite things

Hand out christmas presents to homeless people or strangers or any one(:

Christmas is nearing, my house is looking stunning, the tree is decorated in flickers of red and gold and my sling back chair is waiting for me to perch in it with a cup of herbal tea. Everything is starting to wind down and people are getting excited about their plans for the festive season. If you haven't yet heard Christmas music playing in stores near you your ears are switched off. Today is all about one of my favourite songs that I remember hearing at Christmas as a child: My favourite things. So here is a list of 10 of my favourite things in the Christmas season.

My favourite things:

  • Traditions- I've begun creating my own for the past few years and its lovely, but old traditions are great too. Something so lovely in the sentimentality of traditions no matter how great or small.
  • Decorating the house & cooking my speciality dishes or getting brave and trying something new
  • Donating time and or gifts to people who don't have family/much (health, money etc) at Christmas (that's a tradition my parents instilled- such great parents).
  • The present game- where the fun is the focus and the presents are not. Superb fun!
  • Getting surprised
  • Sharing an experience with someone
  • Singing at the carols on a picnic blanket
  • Making snow angels (if I'm in the Northern Hemisphere) or beach angels (if I'm in QLD)
  • Seeing families actually spend time together. Sons laughing with Dads, Mums with daughters. The excitement people get over finding the perfect gift for someone they care about and the anticipation of how much they'll like it.
  • How loved I feel whether I am with people or on my own- thanks to the real Christmas (and Easter) story.
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