Sunday, 8 June 2014

New life, new pace

A few weeks ago I finished work on a full time basis to take a back seat and go and travel. My intention as everyone knows was to climb Mt Everest- we all know how that worked out, if you’re not privy get to Why Everest can wait and be in the know- since that didn’t come to fruition life has become completely different. For the first time in 7 years I have taken time off for myself that is not on a scheduled time frame (like set holidays). I am still working on days I decide to work but otherwise I am enjoying doing what I would like to do and it is lovely.

Since slowing down I have done a few mini trips to various locations near my hometown namely Rockhampton, Agnes Waters, Rainbow Beach and Brisbane (a little further away).  I have enjoyed soaking up people’s company, meeting other people and taking time all the while knowing I am not in a rush to be anywhere. I have been able to spend time with a good quality friend Emma, a supply teacher turned renovator extraordinaire; work on my fitness at any time during the day and entertain myself to my heart’s content, and it is splendid. Em and I joke about being the young retirees of our town and we are still trying to determine who is going to pay for our lifestyle while we tour about the place determining what activities and destinations are the most fun and cost effective. In a sad but highly satisfying way I enjoy the idea that others are looking at me thinking ‘why isn’t she working’ meanwhile other members of the public are probably muttering under their breath about my need to contribute to society and become responsible. I couldn’t agree more. In fact I myself find that the longer I have off work (its been 4 weeks now) the more I morph into a ‘grey nomad’ who looks at others in shopping streets or holiday destinations begging the question ‘why aren’t you working’ all the while forgetting I’m in my 20s. It is pretty hilarious actually, I have to shake my nosiness off and get real with myself.
Pretty much all I wanna do with my life: drift down a river at a very slow pace taking it ALL in

Aside from this little quirk I’ve acquired this time I’ve enjoyed off really feels like a new life and a new pace which is nice. As a young (but almost 30) adult I have always felt the silent pressure from society to get a house, grow up and be satisfied with what I call the ‘boring’ life- work, sleep, work, sleep, play for 2 days a week if routine hasn’t snatched your spirit. I actually had a ‘melt down’ about it earlier this year when I actually remembered my numerical age and got surprised then realised I better get my butt moving sometime soon, so it is actually nice to take a break to ensure my head is right for what I want in my next stage of life, that I have set a pace I am happy with and that I have an idea about how to excite my life regardless of how hard it tries to ‘bore-ify’ me. I’m not expecting any miracles or a package delivered to me with all the answered but I guess I just have time to think about what I really want instead of getting caught up in the ‘should have’ mind field we can sometimes let our hearts and mind be filled with instead of those things that makes us truly happy.
"It would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant and truly see the things that matter most."

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