Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year readers! It seems crazy that A Written Revolution has been up and running for 2years now; so much has been shared and enjoyed together. This year was brought in with new friends and like minded strangers celebrating the beauty of a new year in Amsterdam's town square. 

2014 was a truly memorable year of highs and lows where goals were profoundly tested and, where I became immensely blessed by some of the most amazing friendships I have ever had. It was also a year where thanks to intense sports psychology training and some major physical pursuits I became acutely aware of who I am, the good and the bad. 2015 therefore can and will only be a positive step in the direction of awesomeness and I am hungry for it.

I look forward to surprising you at a random given moment about the fulfilled Everest accomplishment that has consumed so much of my life, I am excited about sharing with you what I learn this year about health, life, others and myself. My mind is imploding with short stories and anecdotes from a 3week trip around Europe and I'm ready to share these with you, so keep checking back here. But most of all what I look forward to the most in 2015 is being surprised. 

Surprises are always the best as they remind yourself of possibility and they come knocking at your door when your faith in life is scarce. New days mean something new could literally be around the next door waiting for you and there is nothing more exciting than the possibilities or the anticipation of not knowing what it is. Surprises are also a memorandum that life is precious, numbered and not to be taken for granted. We all need surprises. 

Therefore, I hope your 2015 is full of surprises- that you locate the silver linings in all that might let your heart down and that your faith and hope never fades. Have a blessed year!

Will write again soon, till next time...

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