Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Why you must never give up on what you want...

Those who get what they want are greedy, but they aren't stupid.

Ever scolded someone for what they have without true knowledge to make an actual judgment? Well step back, the person you just criticised could give you some pointers.

In life we want for everything, the reality of our dreams, superb possessions, immaculate love but are we greedy for it? It is certainly true that greed should not consume our minds and take our souls away from being decent but being greedy is also entirely necessary for happiness.

Many people think to have happiness you must find the perfect job and have all your ducks in a row. Why? What's wrong with identifying something that you want and going for it?

Here's why, people know greed they don't know about greed for a cause. If you want something, work hard for it, you will be rewarded for your effort. Therefore if there is something you want to achieve get green eyed about it. Be possessive, protect your will to see it through and do everything to make it happen. Nothing ever came from sitting back, hoping, praying and wishing.
On January 15 I arrived back in Australia from a European tour. I was saddened that I have to leave friends, go to work and face the prospects of saving for a house and travel whilst waiting for my next scheduled holidays to come around. The adventure was zapped out of me and I realised where I am is not me anymore, at least not for now.

This may have explained my otherwise inexplicable but constant sobbing on my 24 hour flight home. I'd never felt anything like it. Trying not to pay attention to my emotions (as I'd experienced travel blues before) was the key. Needless to say the day after I returned home I asked about the cost of flights to return to London.

After weeks heading back to work and hoping I'd feel normal once routine had set in, I still felt sad. I began to enquire about work back in London and did up some detailed 'maybe' plans. I still had no direct intention of booking anything without ensuring these feelings weren't just regular blues. After all London was never on the cards again, at least in my head.

Needless to say after some more time I was convinced that my feelings to go 'home' wouldn't dissipate. I booked flights, spoke to my boss and anxiously anticipated the response. A few days ensued where I became physically nauseous about the reaction to leave work for an extended period of time and after I had essentially just started back. I'm pleased to say though after having the conversation stress lifted immediately. I was certain I had made the right choice. From here on in everything fell into place. My flights became cheaper by the time I finally paid them off, work was easily being found and at a fast rate (still is), I had no difficulty selling my gear, I was gifted with an iPhone from a family friend and not once did 'odd' feelings pop into my head. Asking the question to have time off and so soon is the biggest risk in my career to date but I also know that it will pay off in more ways than one.

In 2012 London grew me, as a person, writer and teacher. A risk it may be to leave at this point in time but it is definitely not one I will regret. I am so thankful for my opportunity and how blessed I am to return to London so soon. I am happy I became greedy about it and pursued my desires, after all I know had I not listened to how I felt I would be facing an entirely different situation filled with sadness, where I would have felt trapped. Now it is mere weeks until I leave and I cannot contain my excitement for adventure.

Life is about being persistent, being greedy and healthily asking for what you want. We owe it to ourselves to have the courage to see our dreams through. We owe it to ourselves to ask for what we want the most and fully expect that we deserve it. No one should look back on life and wonder on the 'ifs'. Embrace all that you are, want to be and achieve and do not compromise, your dreams will come true.

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