Monday, 13 April 2015

A big adventure!

A written revolution has moved to London!

I am very excited to announce that we have moved to London and will now be writing from the UK and several holiday destinations nearby. I am very excited to bring you my latest from London even though I will always miss Australia and the beginnings of this little blog (let's face it it's still little..for now).

It almost feels like new year again with so many exciting opportunities up for grabs. You might be wondering what spurred this on? Well at Christmas my UK/Euro trip left me teary eyed & with no doubt...London had to become home again. So as writing and life goes, you might see a few changes here but in essence I'll still be bringing you writing tips, original works of mine, health tips for a fit body and mind & some downright thought provoking pieces. I request your company on my journey! 

Remember to continue following and sharing the page via google+ or Facebook! I look forward to sharing my next chapter with you! 


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