Saturday, 29 August 2015

I want to be ridiculously in love with my life

The notion of being someone who loves every inch of their life is something everyone chases but how do you do it?
1. Forget the 'shoulds'
Do not do what society projects you need to be doing right now and just do what you want. If you listen to the shoulds it is only you that will be unequivocally upset with your life. You don't need to please anyone but yourself and what's can't actually please anyone properly if you are pleasing a societal expectation that silently controls you. Live the life you want.
There's an indescribable peace knowing you've done what you can, you're happy with the outcome, and whatever anyone thinks is insignificant. - The Sculptress
2. Choose the things in your life that make you, you and chase them with a mind full of goals
When you prioritise the pie pieces of your life what can you not live without? What 'hobbies' didn't you actively pursue every week? Cut those. It doesn't mean you don't love them it just means you can channel your love into a hobby that makes you well you. Here's an example- if I don't write, sing or exercise in a week I feel 'off' like I am not myself, when I reconnect with these things its like I am back, returned to Jules again. I crave these things. Massage, drawing even travel I love and thoroughly enjoy but if it didn't exist or I became incapable of doing them it wouldn't change me as a person. Comprehende?
“Have the courage to start something that matters” |
3. Affirm your own awesomeness to yourself.
Write down your strengths and weaknesses and start immersing yourself in positive affirmations that make your weaknesses your strengths. Realise the vast qualities, talents and sills you have to offer others. If someone doesn't appreciate these there will be plenty of others who will so don't sweat it. If this part is more difficult for you get a healthy overdose of positive affirmations, litter your life with them by placing them everywhere in your house, workspace and that dreaded screen you look at.
Pew! Pew! Pew! That's the sound of me deflecting your negative attitude with my happiness shield!
4. Expect only the best.
It is true that our expectations are reflected in our results. Sometimes it can be highly frustrating knowing that you  have been waiting for a long time but the wait is always worth it. The amount of times people have told me I'm snobbish because I expect high qualities in others, men and businesses and that I don't budge on the fact is so frequent it is unable to be counted. However doing as others have suggested and settling for less has meant I never sacrificed my goals or my happiness. At 29 with a book just finished being written, living overseas for the second time, having travelled 15 countries and being in the possession of a job I love and am appreciated in whilst kicking some major personal goals I can't say I'm disappointed in my choice.
Opportunity: Expect the best from every situation! Challenges: Negative thinking. Fear of disappointment & of disappointing.
5. Take risks that scare you a little
The best way I can talk about this is to discuss my two competing loves; writing and helping children succeed. Whilst I love and always will, teaching, it is (especially if you never try for a promotion) a safe career where you are constantly stable. It pays the bills. Sadly, this fact alone means that the profession sees various lazy teachers who work uninspired and effectively demonstrate that they couldn't careless about the kids and for the most part it is a mission to let these lack lustre teachers go. In comparison creative careers like writing demand their workers to constantly evolve and take risks, it takes a leap of faith to get yourself and your work out their and noticed. It may mean infrequent pay cycles, work schedules and uncertainty but it may also come with great reward. Whatever the leap of faith in any career, for a promotion or otherwise, back yourself and your abilities, the absolute worst thing that can happen is you'll learn from it. So as Nike says...Just do it!
Positive Quotes -
It it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.
These five things are the simple secrets to successfully loving your life however there is one final, vital thing to remember. BE SELFISH. In a world driven by selfishness it is the epitome of irony that we don't place the importance on the right selfishness and that's the utter need to selfishly own our right to be happy- forget the possessions, be greedy and selfish about the things that will bring you lifelong lasting happiness. Most of all remember not to feel guilty about it, you are the one that lives your life and nobody else.
I hope this has helped some people who are looking to find a path they love instead of one they are on, it mightn't be an epic change it could mean a small tweaking. I hope that you find the courage to grant yourself your own happiness by chasing what you want. It really does make a world of difference. Since I've lived in London I've had a new lease on life, people (even those I don't know) constantly questioning my biological age when I tell them I'm actually not 24years old, I'm 5 years older, for me this is an one indication that how I feel on the inside is radiated on the outside and it all came to be from a few decisions. Happy Saturday lovelies.
Never settle. Fight for the life, the career, the dreams, the love that you deserve. - Mandy Hale

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