Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What are you looking for?

Hello! Its great to be back writing to you again! Today I want to talk to you about the question we are always asked:

What are you looking for?

I have written on many occasions about the purpose of a positivity driven lifestyle and how that creates opportunities beyond belief. I have also written about how it is important to go after what you want. The irony is life always challenges us after we have shown confidence. These hurdles become a measuring stick for assessing whether 'what your looking for' is still the same thing. Do you still yearn for that thing, person, lifestyle, career, body shape you had before? If you don't...what next?

In essence the message is the same, try and not lose faith, remain positive. As I have said before life is always about the silver linings. We must look for them. There is no harm in deciding that what you once had no longer serves you but at some point you will need to stop and assess how far you have travelled. You will need to decide whether you are happy with the distance you have travelled holistically or whether you want more and if that means moving on.

In the past 6 weeks everything in my life has constantly begged the same question again and again, 'what do you want?' It is like life is screaming it at me, begging me to yell back the answer however I don't have all the answers right now. The frustration has lead to random bursts of tears and an overall lack of motivation and all the while I have forgotten up until today one vital thing- nothing happens while you're stationary.

This applies to everything. If you are not trying to follow your dreams, be creative, chase the career you want, put yourself out there for a partner, improve your relationships, be committed to  your health then you can't expect silver linings to happen. The sad reality is if it takes as long as it has for me of late to grasp this concept you end up chasing negatives and never seeing the beautiful graces in things working out or, not working out. Everything does happen for a reason.

A few years ago I left London and I was saddened that it had to happen. I really didn't want to leave; returning this year and making things happen is one of the best things I have ever done. I didn't realise it at the time, because I said I was coming back for friends and more travel, but I had just allowed myself the opportunity to succeed at something I always thought I failed at and that was a gift I gave myself. Any time we pick ourselves up and try again we are betting on ourselves, we are saying we are worth it, we are picking our battles and deciding our best battle is with our own mentality.

Tomorrow I have been in London for 6 months. I look back on my time and I see wonderful travel, new career connections and some of the greatest friends I've had in my life. Even if the 'what am I looking for' question changes those silver linings will never be taken away and that's something to be grateful for everyday. So...to those special people in my life who supported me the past little while when I was struggling beyond belief thanks for being my silver lining, my little rays of sunshine.

I look forward to some more London writes with you all & sharing some exciting news. Until next time...

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