Wednesday, 30 December 2015

WARNING: explicit motivational material with expletives.

One does not need to make a New Year's resolution. - When one is already this fucking awesome.:
You're in shock right? It is true I am definitely not the usual 'f bomber' especially online but it is that time of year when everyone cuts to the chase, gets philosophical and pours their heart out, filling our news feeds with momentary gratitude and Everest-like motivation. Now is the easiest time to switch off and hide all the mushiness of the season from our timelines but before you do I urge you to read this.

2015 was a different year for me. It began when I didn't make a New Years resolution. Instead I consciously decided to continue doing what I knew brought me happiness- achieve success, chase goals and enjoy every moment. This non-resolution made my year the most complete yet.

It started in January when I said goodbye to some friends I had made across a host of nations as I bid farewell to the Topdeck heroes of my Winter Getaway tour. I had a couple of days rest and randomly decided to pick a bucket list country and 'just go'. It was blissful. I ended up in a 4.5star hotel in Brussels overlooking the main square of the city, a chocolate parlour, waffles and diamonds on my doorstep. Six days later after further letting go, more than I ever had, I left London with so many positive memories and a superb start to my year. When I returned home I realised that as much as I loved being near my family I had outgrown my current life. So I did what I've never done before nor what I planned, I hedged bets and 12weeks later moved to London again. Thinking about that now makes me smile so much because I know how much gumption it took and how happy it made me feel. The turn around from a 6week eurotrip to living abroad was so short but I did it. I made a promise to myself that I would keep making decisions for my own happiness.

I continued to make decisions like these this year. It certainly wasn't the easiest year living in London. But because I focused on the positives and decided to cut out anything that didn't serve my happiness I got through the year happy. 99% of people I'm very close with will not know what my year entailed nor am I willing to share it but I am pleased to say through everything I managed to find peace and an unimaginable strength within myself. Apparently how I feel is shown on the outside because people on the street stop me to say 'wow you are a really happy person'. The funny thing is most of those people would probably assume my life is easy but in fact it's conquering the hardships that make me happiest.

Each year life asks the silent question of us, what did you do this year? I want to ask you, were you happy this year? You have the power to change it all. You can only rely on yourself for happiness, at the end of 2016 will you be proud of what you have become in a year or will you have wanted to be more?

Forgive people, be humble and allow yourself to find a positive in the most painful of memories and you will have nothing more to ask of yourself when the question beckons. You will be even more complete than you have before.

Enjoy your time before New Year's Day my lovelies, till next time...
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Sorry about the language but sometimes we just need to cut to the chase & please ourselves. Be happy.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude:

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