Thursday, 31 December 2015

What's your number one?

Yesterday I wrote about how consciously choosing no New Years resolution helped make 2015 a better year for me however I am not a cookie cutter thinker not writer, if you need a good ole New Years Reso to help get things in check start here. Priorities.

Priorities are possibly one of the most detested words in the English language because it has a negative connotation attached to it that somehow we haven't been doing what's most important however, that's more about society not individuals.

A priority is something we place with high importance, above other things based on our values and beliefs. It is therefore not always understood why individuals prioritise one thing over another, but it doesn't have to be understood- priorities are personal.

For 2016 if your making a New Years resolution I urge you to consider what your priorities are, reflect on them and decide whether or not you got it right in 2015. This is not to beat the crap out of yourself but simply to ensure you don't let other things fall off the bandwagon by focussing on something that may be temporarily important. Too many people focus on working out or getting that promotion that they forget about quality time with their partners. Life is always best when we have balance so think about how you will order your priorities and make time for things that matter most to you now. Make sure you leave downtime as a space within your newly scheduled year because running out of time and not allowing yourself time to rest is the quickest way to ensure you feel a sense of failure sooner than you are capable of. If you have 20 priorities have a rethink- are there really 20 super important things that you MUST do now?
Furthermore, think about the things that you can and cannot change. Many of us want to prioritise completing things 100% of the time at work (for example) but we forget that we are evaluating this priority in a vacuum. If your workplace simply mounds and mounds work and doesn't leave time to actually get things completely done you aren't going to achieve that priority so change your target. It might feel like your doing the wrong thing but honestly you can't work to get 100 things done at once everyday at an outstanding level. If you try you'll end up with a nervous breakdown or sick 3 weeks into the new year. Be realistic. The same goes for your fitness goals. Don't slam yourself at the gym 7 days a week if you have no life other than work and gym, because it isn't going to make you happy even when you have that body you want. Again, be realistic.
Most importantly though if you are setting a New Year's Resolution think about how you want to feel and the end of the year. New Years resolution or not (see yesterday's post), you want to be able to reflect on a year gone by that was successful from the get go, that showed the change you wanted to achieve and how you maintained the other things in your life that are important to you.
New Year's Resolutions are mocked all the time, let's face it but there is no reason why you cannot achieve what you want to, it's all up to your mindset. If you want to achieve it you can. So go ahead, make one and come back and write to me how you are achieving it in 2016, I'd love to hear from you!
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