Saturday, 23 January 2016

New Year, New Adventures!

Hello my lovelies! I hope all of you have celebrated the beginning of this lovely new year in style and have already experienced happiness and success. This year means more adventure, more writing and a bit of the unknown which let's face it, is just another adventure!

Last year I decided that I would attempt to travel 20 countries in my 20s. At 15 already down (not including stop overs) and 1 month, January, to get it done it's a great way to start the year with a big bang!

First on the list was Budapest, Hungary, and boy it didn't disappoint. A bucket list destination for a few years I am so pleased I finally got it done in this 'roaring 20s' traveling bucket list. Though my trip was only a few days the excitement of going to work for a few days to then explore the world again in a new country next weekend excites me.

As time nears my 30th though I am starting to think about more grown up things, the direction of this website and what anti wrinkle creme I should purchase for my laughter lines. All very serious, urgent matters to attend to. Right now though all I can think about is squeezing the most out of a restful weekend and taking some of those  woosah spa moments with me as I begin my descent back into London life for another week and prep myself for the next adventure. I am ready, recharged and rested. I hope you enjoyed your week. Stay tuned.


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