Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I don't get it! WARNING: graphic images

May 24 2016, it's 101 years since the Second World War ended and we thankfully ended a regime that had horrific consequences on 6 million people, it's also though a year where some of the most powerful politicians  stand happily blind to rape, murder and torture in West Papua. I don't understand. So I am writing this asking those politicians to educate me, as an example of the people you serve, why do you think this is right? 

In 1969 the United Nations agreed that West Papua should either remain part of Indonesia or become an independent nation as part of 'An Act of Free Choice' only to have Indonesians infiltrate and coerce the ruling against the elders and unjustly deny the Papuans the right to their free choice. Now, 37 years later the Papuans haven't just lost their choice they've lost their entire right to human life at the hands of the Indonesians. So United Nations where are you now? Where are the leaders of these countries as women and children are raped, as the entire race is tortured in front of their peers? As individuals speak out for their right to be free and are jailed and murdered for doing so? Or is it too easy for you to sit in your comfortable homes, living your comfortable lives and think 'that's not my concern?'

As a University educated woman I fail to understand how politicians or any human being can sit by while this happens. As an Australian I've never been more disgraced that we have valued our Indonesian counterparts more, holding them to a greater esteem while they commit genocide- an act Hitler himself was outlawed for worldwide. I now fully understand how our Indigenous elders feel, watching in my lifetime, an atrocity unfold and our leaders failing to care. What's wrong with you? Or is it not real to you because it's not your family, your culture? 

Everyday my well educated mind fails to grapple with the failings of human kind around this issue. The greatest sadness is that I see in the most blatant of ways that some people (I can't say all because UK leaders, Australian Green Party leaders for example do) simply do not care about human life. What I'm struggling with is the fact that I have to somehow vote for those people. How? When did you forget, UN and politicians worldwide that you work for us? Furthermore how can the United Nations exist, determined for peace, when in 2016 they accept and allow genocide to continue. Educate yourselves, collaborate, be adults and stop this God awful abhorrent behaviour from happening instead of silently saying it's ok. It's not. 


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