Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Summer lovin'

Summer has finally come to London! The legs are out and the layers are off so there's no time better than now to celebrate the best things of summer.

1. Work no longer feels like it solely consumes your life. You wake up to light and there's hours of light beyond working hours so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

I FEEL YOU BUDDY ! Leaving work on friday memes:

2. People are happier. Enough said.

I hope we enjoy our days in the same way this kid are enjoying this watermelon:

3. No more layers! After months of carrying jackets and scarves merely to take them off inside you can now wear your flip flops (I really want to say thongs!), leave the jumper at home and throw on your sunnies.

#idratherbehere on a swing above the water:

4. The weather is glorious! There is nothing like summer in the northern hemisphere. London is particularly beautiful- flowers are blooming, the Royal Parks are stunning and the most amount of fun, park fun, is free!

Greenwich Park #london #mustsee #accorcityguide The nearest Accor hotel : Mercure London Greenwich Hotel:

5. Everyone's keen to socialise and there's a huge array of events to sink your teeth into. Your calendar ends up booked to the brim with fun!

Open Air Cinemas In London — Outdoor Film Screenings:

6. You can exercise without freezing your toosh off and you have more time or at least that's what your brain think that's to those rays of sunshine.

Lorna Jane :) This brand definately has some cute workout gear and a wide variety of stuff:

7. Flowers. They are in bloom and can be smelt from afar, easily brightening anyone's day.

Columbia Road Flower Market is definitely on my list of must sees it's gorgeous & who wouldn't want to walk around and smell the sweet aroma of thousands of gorgeous flowers:

8. Icecream. Need I say more.

Le 14 avril 2015 sera givré ou ne sera pas !

9. Swimming! You can now dorn your togs (swimsuit, yes I am from Queensland) and loll about in the ocean, swimming pool or take lovely trips to the beach. My favourite UK spots are Cornwall and Broadstairs. In Australia you can't skip Rainbow Beach, Lennox Heads and Byron Bay.

p a r a d i s e... I just want to go to a beach:

10. It's pamper season. Therefore it's perfectly acceptable to get a pedicure, manicure, every wax under the sun, a new haircut, new clothing and feel fresh. After all it's not just about pampering your protecting your fellow Londoners from seeing your manky feet right? That's what you'll tell your budget anyway! Lap it up until your winter boots steal your pedi prowess.

br0nzed-beauty:  Follow br0nzed-beauty for more luxury  IG sharonemel

There you have it only 10 of the best parts of Summer. It is a truly magnificent season; it's a major reason why I love London because right now is when London comes alive in all its glory. Enjoy it lovelies! As an Australian I am going to soak up every second of it, make sure you do! Winter will come soon enough so make the most of every blissful second!

Till next time...

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