Monday, 24 October 2016

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Hello lovely people its October! How crazy is that! Reality hit yesterday when I noticed that I have been in London for just over 18 months! I am an old hat now! Its been a busy time in London since I returned from the United States.

I have moved to Surrey. Everything is travelling nicely although I'm still waiting for Jude Law to drunkenly turn up at my door for a beverage. Surrey is absolutely beautiful, its close enough to London but it has no hustle and bustle and the streets are seriously beautiful. I'm living with a Kiwi teacher so its like ANZAC day everyday. I always thought as an Aussie in London sharing a flat with a fellow Aussie or Kiwi (Aussie wanabe) would be the wrong way to experience London and the UK but actually I was wrong. Its freaking amazing. I've always known how relaxed and fun loving Australians and New Zealanders are but I thought living with Aussies abroad was moving my country overseas and hence why I never purposely went looking for it. You know what, I don't care anymore. In the couple of weeks I have never laughed so much nor been so relaxed. When I get home I am home. No eggshells. It is an amazing feeling.

The experience has reminded me of what home really is. You always read quotes about home being about people not places and you know what that's exactly it. As a 30 year old (oh I just said that out loud!) I've been beyond sharing with randoms for about four years now but I gave up on the luxury for the beauty of travel. It drove me damn crazy at times and drained my bank account when I'd rather stay out then go home but now I share with someone I know and who understands all my stupid jokes because well....culture.

I am very grateful for my new roomie. I thought I may be entering another house that had virtual roomie contracts that rivalled Sheldon Cooper's so I feel blessed it's a far cry from it. I cook half of the week, we exercise each day together and we happily tell each other 'space needed' if me time is necessary. Coming home at the end of the day knowing dinner is going to be cooked is what I imagine being married to a lovely man is like. Bliss. My roomie knows I appreciate her and vice versa. No faff. No problems.

This relaxed environment has meant my long days and achieving goals has been possible. This month I've rolled out A Musing A Day. So far its been effective, there are followers on Instagram who are enjoying the quotes. I'm still looking forward to seeing what others create. Share with me!

I have been developing some exciting new products for you that I can't wait to share. These will support writers, children and parents to build the love of literature further. As always I have been committing to my healthy lifestyle which helps make kicking goals easier. I'm pleased to say Lisa Gray from Melbourne, Australia has begun her training with Stevie Compagno for a month and I'm sure she'll be seeing excellent results soon and making positive progress in all aspects of her life. The past month I have started taking on personal training clients myself, training clients in London and helping them to achieve self confidence, gain and maintain their health. It's such a positive connection to make with others. It's great to hear women building confidence, losing their excuses and developing finite goals. I think my clients feel as though they gain the most but talking goals and working hard frequently simply allows me to be more focussed and strong willed so I am utterly grateful for them.

The next week or so I will continue to create. I look forward to unveiling everything on offer for you, it is exciting times. In the meantime I hope you enjoy following on with A Musing a Day on Facebook and Instagram, sharing your posts. I have posted a video on the facebook page on Self Confidence so take a look, share any comments you would like. Whatever the remainder of your week brings I encourage you to have an open mind, like my moving experience you may find it is one of the best things that happens to you.

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