Sunday, 2 June 2013

Something you won't forget...

So it's bonanza time where I dazzle you with my mass amounts of amazing writing and you hoard to AWR in seconds. Here goes...

Day 25- best compliment ever received was someone telling me that 'I'm stunning in the way that light shines out of my smile' ...I think that's because I don't know how I do it & so I sit their perplexed imagining light beams from a face & begin giggling.

Day 26- Online reads...

There's plenty that I sink my teeth into online, typically other people's blogs, fitness/health pages, but lately I've been looking at this...War Horse- the stage production. This has been read frequently because I started to fall in love with this production in the UK where I was lucky enough to be cruising around the Queen's Calvary yard when they brought in one of the horses used for the production- and as an amazing twist, that very horse is now coming to Brisbane, Australia. So I can fall in love with the incredible masterpiece of design all over again (haven't seen the production but the horses themselves are a sight to be seen).

Day 27- A letter to my readers.

Dear Readers,

I hope that you have been enjoying the journey with me but more importantly I hope you have gained a passion for literature even if for just a moment.

I hope that you continue to be inspired by the wealth of magnificent writers around and those novices, like myself, that provide you with something extra.

Reading and literature is profound in that it hits people's hearts differently and sometimes even after its read more then once, it reaches the same person differently twice.

My only wish is that one day I can influence even one person to be motivated to write; and produce work that is worthy of these emotionally tiered responses.

Your unknown Qld writing blogger pal,


Day 28- pictures say a thousand words and this day was my Dad's birthday. Whole family sick or not we made it through!

Day 29- Five songs to bring back a memory

1. Downtown by Petula Clark; Mum's favourite sing a long song when cleaning on a Saturday morning whilst growing up.

2. Walking on Sunshine- first song I performed in front of close friends who were totally sober- so it was super nerve racking.

3. Sway; the song I sang a duet with my sister with when we were kids whilst sitting in the hallway; it then prompted her first song writing session. Talented lady she is.

4. Another one bites the dust- made popular by Gladiators which was adopted for backyard fun. It was a common place song between my brother, sister and I.

5. Amazing Grace- the song that makes me cry all the time. Grace is something that when you truly experience it, softens you and makes you instantly humble.

6. You raise me up- a song to remind you you're never left alone and my life is testament to that. Also mass tear jerker.

Day 30-time to let go!

Monkey bars. To take one moment forward you have to:


When you get to the other side its exactly the same; as you do it all again.

Whether life throws you monkey bars or a colleague who chooses to be nasty to you and blames you for office stationery deficits letting go is ALL THE SAME. It requires the same courage and belief in yourself and trust that everything will be sweet. The difference? Bigger things are harder. Should letting go be harder then? No. But it is. Eg: Loss of a family member or an event that caused you particular stress. The BIGGEST most important thing that MUST be stated is that letting go is NOT weak, its NOT 'not allowed.' Its important for you- it shows strength of your character- after all, who are if you are worried about something as petty as a plastic fork you once borrowed and forgot to return. It's a fork!

And why does it matter that your husband forgot to put the toilet seat down? Wouldn't you rather put it back down for 40 years than live with a miserable yet OCD cleaning man? I would! PS ladies, that's not a trick question.

The third part I want to talk about is crying. Crying is OK! Let the 'boohoo' out. It's good for you. It'll make you feel sane and by letting yourself do it (even braver if you let someone in to witness it) you will feel a million bucks. We were designed to have tear ducts for a purpose, so people...let yourself go!

Day 31- a vivid memory

So many to choose from that are epic but I choose this one...walking away from my family knowing I was choosing to live in London. I was so sad yet it was such a joyful time. Life really needed a turning point and walking away (not from family) but many things that I was previously unhappy with and beginning a new chapter...fabulous! Even better that I was doing it on my own!

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