Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Raw Writes Project #rawrites

I'm wondering, how many of you have tried to write a letter to your younger self (a project inspired by ? I have written journals since I was 7 and I still have all of those journals bar a couple and I've frequently thought about that project. I've also thought about what I would say/write to my kids (when i have them) come graduation time, either at school or higher education institutes, plus the sadder things of...if I could be granted the time to write my 'wishes' for those closest to me when I left them, what would I say & I suppose more importantly..what would I leave out?

A few years ago I wrote an auto-ethnography. This is a piece of work that looks at your life from several axes. It could be cultural, religious, geographical, social or environmental. But it all boiled downed are you, you. I found the experience superb. You gain so much from learning more about yourself and you can also see what underpins your writing..because as most writers will tell you, whether it is intended or not, parts of ourselves get revealed in our writing.

Anyway, thinking about my previous project (Every Day in May) and the DearMe project I decided to come up with something different. It is NOT a 30 day challenge it is a way to motivate you to write from the inside, out. It is not arduous but emotionally it could be, either way it'll be great! So please do join me! This is what I've got...

My 5 week project that strips writing bare & will impact you & others. Join me...for more go to my blog! #rawwrites #literature

5 weeks- 5 tasks, 1 per week.

You can take as much time to complete as possible in each week. However you are only required to do one post per week. To link up with each other attach the hashtag #rawwrites & the image above. The tasks are below:

Wk 1- a letter to my 16year old self. If super keen upload to While you're there check out the other letters. Super brilliant reads!

Wk 2- life's wishes; a note/s you'd leave on the kitchen bench if you knew the days left in your 'lot'

Wk 3- reader handover- if you are a blogger request a topic of your reader's choice. Keep promoting your page via link ups/guest posts if necessary to complete. Not a blogger? Ask a friend/ family member to pick a topic for you. Photograph the reader request.

Wk 4- descriptors- if you could give yourself advice on anything right now only using descriptive words what 8 words would they be? List them.

Wk 5- write the inside of a card to your 'child' (your own or sibling if childless) who is about to experience a massive event (graduation, wedding, first baby). For this task you will also design the card showcasing your creative, design side.

I hope you enjoy the project & unravel a little more of the crux that makes you a good writer/person etc.


  1. I feel weepy at the thought of doing number 5. Sound like a really meaty challenge to sink your teeth into.

    P.S. I've nominated you for a Leibster blogging award to share a little bit of the love with you

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I hope you get some people to join in. I won't be joining in at the moment, too much on my plate already but I wish you luck!

  3. Thanks heaps ladies. I hope you like the challenge Lilybett & thanks so much for nominating me for an award. That's lovely!