Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A letter to my 16 year old self #rawwrites

Photo: A letter to my 16yr old self...check out my blog for #rawwrites week1 write up.
Dear Joey,

So you’re reading a letter from the future in your present, crazy huh. I’m sure you’ll sit a while and try and grapple with the situation before just agreeing that the notion is sweetly quirky and you’ll go for it- you just won’t tell anyone for fear of them finding out you’re a bit different! Well sweet I’m here to tell you, lots have changed and also, some not so much.

This year and next you will find some of the toughest years and you will feel like giving up plenty of times but you know that you are far stronger than your silly, frustration, ‘heat of the moment’ words and actions. Don’t forget what you have already learnt so far- you are never alone, you learn from every experience and you are a good person.

Don’t let people dictate who you are. Care less what they think and remember when they are ‘having a go’ that they are insecure in who they are and really they just need some love and support. Try and give it to them, but be prepared they mightn’t accept it or be pleasant about it, popularity and accepting help don’t go hand in hand. That’s not your fault, that’s just teenagers.

When you succeed in things celebrate them. Don’t let anyone stop you from shouting from the rooftops that you are good at something, you deserve to do that for working hard. Cherish the moments with your sister and brother because before too long you’ll be in different places missing each other and realising how important now really is. Most of all though this is what I want to say:

Boys don’t know what to do with themselves, teenager or adult, stick to your loves and the right people will come to help, hurt and love you just when you are meant to receive them. Whether they hurt you or not they are all blessings, you are going to grow from those experiences exponentially and you will learn how much you are loved in different ways, so don’t stress about it. Life will have ups and downs but it is in far better hands than you fully fathom yet. Don’t ever stop doing what you love regardless of the pay check you would receive from it, money isn’t worth anything when you’re playing with your own happiness. Go and travel as soon as you can, soak up as others’ cultures and then do it again and again.

Finally, it’s great that you have high expectations of yourself but let loose girl. Let yourself off the hook and remember life isn’t one whole big goal, something’s just go belly up and that’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Your future 27year old self

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