Monday, 12 August 2013

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There is nothing quite like waking up to the sound of the birds chirping while they go about their business, the sky still decorated with a grey hue and your body blissfully floppy in the crisp bed sheets. Its 6am and I'd usually be at the gym and through an hour of my workout moving the bod in tune to 'phat beats' played in the background, so its particularly delicious that I'm just taking my time today. The last couple of weeks has been pretty hectic, I've had a bit of a roller coaster ride & I'm pleased to say the lows are over and I keep sky rocketing.

Lately I have been into my local travel agent to book a white Christmas and an around the world trip for next year which includes the climbing up to Mt Everest base camp. Every 5 days or so I watch a video of people who have done the trek and it spurs on my motivation to train and prepares me a little more mentally for how I will feel when I accomplish my biggest goal yet. I thought perhaps I'd feel overwhelmed knowing I'll be climbing 5.4km and still in freezing conditions (once at 3000m and above) but the videos actually just instil in me a belief that I know I am capable of achieving my goal- makes the 5am mornings all worth it.

Unfortunately though this combined with my decision I recently made to start study again means that I have to get the juggling act under control. So officially today (I'm a sucker for busy-ness it appears) I am a tourism management student, a teacher, a Everest base camp climber (I preempt that stuff only way to do it psychologically), a soccer coach & a blogger. But despite allll that I know that I can be successful in all of those things & still go to bed at 9.30 (except on karaoke nights!) hahahaha. So let's see huh! The challenge begins!

This week you will see me writing about something that has come back to the forefront of my mind since the roller coaster began & a few other topics I find interesting and important to write about because...if literature isn't covering the topics then who is? So with that said...happy Monday, enjoy your week & I hope you like the reads I have on offer coming up! xo

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