Sunday, 1 September 2013

Do you know your own strength?

Strength is something we find when we least want to. In life we are thrown curve balls that require us to heave ourselves off the floor, dust ourselves off and adorn a smile. Internally we may feel completely incapable yet all of us do it frequently. Sometimes we don't even acknowledge how courageous we are in our ability to deal with all the things that we have to. When life gets busy, its easy to forget all the little things that we have accomplished.

Being strong isn't about showing a brave face its also about being able to let yourself be weak, vulnerable and more to the point being alright with the fact that this vulnerability and weakness is completely ok. We all know bravado and fa├žade is easy to do- in some aspects of our lives we all wear masks, whether it is by not sharing all of what is going on with us or through embellishing the truth but true strength comes in being bare. Complete nakedness of the soul where we see our shortcomings, successes, our past, those who surround us and what we are prepared to accept is strength in a pure form.

Be proud of your own strength lovelies.

-This is for all those amazing people I know who have inner strength beyond understanding, who have overcome things they shouldn't have had to in their lifetime. Thanks for the inspiration.

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