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Week 3 Readers seek asylum in AWR

This week one AWR reader requested that I write on the topic of Asylum seekers, since it's a big issue in Australia at the moment I decided to take on the huge task of attacking a topic that confronts many people in Australia and indeed other nations. I hope you like the finished project...feel free to comment.

Week 3- World seeks asylum from inner hatred #rawwrites
You are worthy. You are loved. You are no more significant than the next person.

These simple things are concepts that the world has lost. We can try and label Australia as being the only country with serious border issues but we would be being naive. We would also be naive if we neglected what underpins an individuals ideology seeking asylum in our country- the basic needs to feel safe, have clothing, water, food and shelter. It's really not asking much of our leaders. But is it that simple?

Currently the Australian Government has an epic task on their hands to decide how the 'boat people' as their so disgracefully known, will be dealt with. No government has been successful at it to date, none probably will (considering its complexity) and no level headed Australian can suggest one party is more successful than the next. The reality is our service men and women have a better idea of the truth of who we let enter the country then we are lead to know. Even still they assist these people.

Politicians tasks are difficult, they are not a popularity contest despite what media and society in general promotes them to be. A great politician considers his or her people with no regard for the criticism they receive because their purpose exists beyond selfish means. It will mean some people won't like what they do or say, but ultimately if they are liked entirely for what they do the question begs, what have they actually done?

Asylum seekers are seeking refuge from the painful things that bind them in their own countries. Corrupt governments, military, police; racial and religious wars that are entrenched based on the notion that one person's life is more valuable than the next. It is not. You only need to comment that a family should forgive the person who murdered their loved one for their severe shortcomings and your an enemy of the state; current society. What happened to developing a belief that difference is valuable, forgiveness soul replenishing and naivety destructive?

This is not bound to one generation either. Parents tell their children, sort it out with a fight boys; treat them like this back because they don't deserve any better. Races tell other races that they are better because of their knowledge never recognising that if we collaborated we would be the wealthiest beings the world has ever had; because of knowledge.

The task of turning people away from your country is difficult, but whether people are turned away or accepted does not change the fact that people will do whatever they must to get their basic needs. Ultimately it is not a question of to accept a person into a country or not, it is the inability for individuals to see the basic concept that all are equal. Get that right in our own countries and our own backyards and the demand for somewhere greater will be removed.

That is not an Australian issue that is a worldwide issue and its not about asylum it's about respect for human life and decency.

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