Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Intrinsic desires fuel nostalgic past time

So a few months ago I decided that I would begin this grand notion that I would write letters to my friends (and even people who weren't my friends) in the hope that I could gain people's interest back in the art of letter writing.

The concept was something so ridiculously simple yet enjoyed by all who were on the receiving end. The process what not about making me fill a void with something else to make me busy but rather the fact that I loved using wax seals and receiving letters; and I know that its something everyone likes. After all as an adult what mail do you receive these days other than bills?

Here is where The Travelling Nostalgia began. I collected peoples' addresses and began writing to people. I developed a Facebook event and a # for Instagram & would tease people about who was next. I really enjoyed it. Most people I wrote to didn't respond, not even a thanks on Facebook and yes I am long time friends with 95% of the people whom I wrote to but this wasn't the point.

While The Travelling Nostalgia couldn't continue without people replying I wanted it to be something that's pure purpose was to make someone feel special & give the opportunity to begin a dialogue. Ultimately if someone wants to engage in that dialogue, spoken or written, that is entirely up to them. Did it perhaps made me feel like I wasted my time in sending them letters? Only if I chose to view it that way and I've got to say some days it was hard not to, with wax 5 dollars a pop and 20 sheets of my 500year old card at $27 to get delivered from Melbourne to rural Queensland. But I needed to remember that true giving comes when you don't expect anything back. The greatest joy I had was indulging in what is basically an extinct art form in modern day- letter writing.

Why have I told you this? To encourage you in the hope that you see whatever you write needs to only serve you. If you intend it to serve an extrinsic purpose without any intrinsic desire to partake in writing then you will not enjoy literature to its full extent, in whatever form it takes. So pick up your pen, write what you want & care not if people respond how you want, write it be responded to as you will it.

Stay motivated, Jules

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