Monday, 2 September 2013

This week's inspiration...

New post, new week, new start. Ever rode a roller coaster where you knew what was going to happen? Well life's certainly not been like that for me over the past week. History could have helped prepare me for the week however not how I was to react to it or how it would turn out. Without discussing the things of which have made the week a roller coaster ride I want to say really is about making it pick up.

When I first went on the Superman Escape at the Gold Coast's Movie World with my brother I was horrified, I knew that I would be propelled forward to 100km/hour in less than 7 seconds and that I would essentially be hanging vertically in the air as I entered the exhilarating part of the ride- more like life altering. What I didn't know was the ride was something that I would crave several times afterwards despite my body shaking with residual G forces and that the initial experience shared with my brother would be one I'd cherish for years to come.

Over this past week it would be easy to dwell on negatives, however I have been able to see the positives around me and somehow pull out of things & it with this attitude that I am far more beneficial to those who need me. I don't always find this easy, like everyone things mount up sometimes and the little things become a mountain of psychological defeat. The important thing- we created it, we can destroy it.

Today, I want to share with you a list of positive affirmations to get the good shining out of your face and helping you see the thrill in the roller coaster ride of life. This will be this week's inspiration station as well. I hope you enjoy it & that you gain as much as I do from forgetting the fear, stress, pain, strain & embracing the best of every situation.

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