Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Father worth celebrating

For 28years of my life I have had one man by my side, a man who constantly supports me, loves me and has worked tirelessly to provide for me- my father Robert Trask. Each year Father's Day comes around and each year a common thing happens- I find it difficult to put into words what he has done for me and continues to do. This year I'm trying harder...

On January 28 1986 I met my father, through the first tears, haircut, tooth appearances, nappy changes and father-daughter bonding time it didn't take long for Robert to become Dad. Over the years I would get to know a man who wanted to do everything well, worked hard, disciplined strongly, loved endlessly and believed in God ardently. But it wasn't all perfect and neither was Dad. The best part about having a Dad who isn't perfect was that he was and still is real. Through his real-ness I could come to understand constantly over the stages of my life (and now as well) that I could be real too. I was able to be a mixture of goodness and mistakes. In my adulthood it is this constant lesson, taught advertently or inadvertently, that helped me more than anything, but it is the relationship Dad & I have that I cherish the most. 

For me Dad was the person as I child I had to shout at to stop tickling me; he was the wrestler, the player & the handyman, even to this day. None of my childhood memories have a year without Dad fixing something, he's able to build part of our house, rebuild engines, create makeshift pools & hug me when I need it. 

An intelligent, creative, selfless and driven man it's not surprising that I was left with a pretty impressive gene pool (especially when you add Mum to the mix). A fitter and turner, teacher, photographer, charity worker for broken young kids and owner of a business degree he sure taught my brother, sister & I that your career doesn't end with your qualification. But the resume of mass skills is not what I love the most, it's the quality time I get to spend with him. 

Over the years my life and Dad's life has changed but the desire for quality time shared together will never change. So Dad, if your reading this, thanks for all the life lessons, being your imperfect self (like me), setting a standard for any future significant other of mine and for quality time shared so far; I truly cherish it. 

For my readers reading this thank your Dad, thank him for the moments, the support and who he is. If you're a father make sure you remember your child craves time with you more than anything else. For anybody who doesn't know or have a relationship with your father celebrate the a Dad around you- the man who provides an example for you that you are honoured to call him 'family'. Most importantly everybody needs to remember this, sometimes Dad isn't there, he's working or busy on another project but he's working for you and that is still love.

Happy Father's Day to all the special men out there! Till next time...

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