Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Written Revolution's 21 Happy Snaps

Hey all,

At A Written Revolution it is all about being happy and passionate about life whether that manifests itself in writing or other aspects of our lives. When we are happy we are productive, pleasant people who are of greater benefit to others and ourselves. Sometimes its easy to forget, especially when the world appears to be getting crazy, how important it is to be a happy, passionate influence on the world. To cultivate this within us I have developed a little photographic project, 21 Happy Snaps.

21 Happy Snaps requires 1 photo for 21 days that focuses on being happy and passionate about life. Why 21 days? Well because 21 days is what it takes to break a habit and therefore alter your mindset towards positivity, happiness and a passionate life. Better still, you are not confined to a particular month, simply take the 21 photos in succession. Each day I will contribute my photos to the Facebook page also titled A Written Revolution and throughout the 21 days I will show you how photographic images can become the stimulus for your writing right here on the blog. Want to take part? Simply check out the topics and start photographing. Make sure you add the #awr21happysnaps to your work as well so your creativity can be shared in a community and perhaps even be used to inspire some of my writing! 

Happy photographing, Jules! 

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