Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Making everyday inspiration your written work

So you have participated or have followed my quest to complete A Written Revolution's photo project: 21 Happy Snaps but how do you turn it into a worthwhile piece of writing? 

Photography is an art just as creating literature is, it takes time, perseverance and a willingness to constantly improve ones self. As photographers (albeit amateur) we can choose to capture the literal meanings of words or we can search for something deeper that demonstrates the same meaning but has to be interpreted to be understood. Each of the topics on AWR's 21 Happy Snaps were comprised with the knowledge that care, kindness, love and an altruistic mindset bring the most, long lasting happiness for others and for ourselves. 

Have a look at the list. What do you see? When you read 'beautiful' do you automatically think of flowers, a stunning lady, a pretty sunrise or sunset or do you see simple things as beautiful? Random acts of kindness or different cultures choosing to understand each other? Now think of number 21 'happiness'. How many ways can you depict happiness? Where do we see it? How do we know when someone is happy? Is it always blatantly obvious or rather quietly present? 

You see whether you are capturing images or writing literature it is all about the perspective you choose to show. Everyone will look to see the immediate reactions to each word, to each common conflict or character, our challenge as writers is to show them that life is a loudspeaker and a whispering voice. We need to direct our reader's mind to a world where they can identify the difference and they want to look for it in their own lives; they want to engage with the characters & be surprised by where you take them. After all know one wants to read a story they already know the ending to in the first 5minutes. 

Therefore I encourage you look at the topics from here on in and think of the different ways the topic could be captured from. Then photograph and write about the loudspeaker, in your face immediate response and also about the quiet, whispering voice that hints to you a different direction that could be more powerful, yet show the same meaning. After 3 days and letting it sit, without you mulling over it, reflect on your work with a clear mind. 

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