Saturday, 25 October 2014

When I grew up

When I was about 7 years of age I would watch my Mother put her make up on and most importantly her lipstick. There was this one special lipstick that came in a spiralled gold container, to me it was the epitome of lipsticks. I can recall Mum allowing my sister and I to play with some of her make up, lipsticks included and I can even remember the day the gold lipstick became a part of our dress up adventures. It was so exciting, eyes widened, jaw dropped, Mum was the coolest ever. I remember thinking (possibly even saying to my sister) that one day I'd love to have lipsticks like Mum and be all fancy and grown up. 

Well today it's races day, as I look in my make up bag I see 8 lipsticks with lovely cases and it hits me. I am my Mum, the lady who I wanted to be, fancy and grown up. Admittedly I didn't envisage this day would ever come especially as the world of lip glosses and lip tints provided what I deemed as a less hardcore psychological transition to adulthood. Now though I must say I love my lipsticks, the way the cream texture rolls across my lips, alters the effect of my make up or if wearing red makes me feel ridiculously sexy. 

Needless to say then, today when I adorn my lovely  classy races dress with floral print fit for a spring carnival I am thrilled at the prospect of wearing a classic white fascinator, gorgeous heels, my Dior make up and of course red lipstick from a special little case. Growing up simply is, fun. 

Happy Saturday! 

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