Sunday, 5 October 2014

A spring smoothie!

Recently I have really been embracing making my own juice. It's amazing how lovely it feels to create my own 'product' each morning. What's more I have come to understand more clearly the impact of portions when I create food myself instead of buying it off the shelf. A juice lover my whole life it has always been my vice in the fight between a cup of juice in the morning or 2 pieces of fruit in the day. Thanks to my trusty blender (and the experience of using one of my client's Breville Juice Fountain machines) I have come to understand a whole lot about juice and fructose. So what is it?

Fructose is fruit sugar. Just like everything we eat, if we have too much of it, it is not good for us and can help us stack on the weight in all of our favourite places. 

I have studied about fructose and the importance of it for the body but since I typically buy juice from the shop laced with preservatives and other kinds of rubbish I've never come to understand the real sweetness of fruit and it's sugar in the purest form. Enter blender/juice fountain and the muffin top defying lesson- pure juice is delicious and super sweet, so much so that you won't crave more juice when you have experienced the real stuff made fresh.

Some of you probably are thinking 'what a dork? Of course that would be the case'. But have you tried fresh, homemade juice? I guarantee you if you do you will immediately feel freedom from the juice guzzling days, where you'd convince yourself drinking juice was far better than Coke or countless sugar filled coffees. You will also know exactly what you put in your mouth (goes without saying) and you can portion your food effectively and start achieving positive outcomes like reducing your muffin top or even simply decreasing your daily sugar intake. You don't have to be a juice guru either to be successful. I simply think of foods and throw them together and see how they go (sometimes silently cringing it'll be rubbish- but that hasn't happened yet!). Here's three recipes I have made recently that were delicious & sweet enough to satisfy my sugar cravings all day long! Enjoy!

Tinkled pink
-1/2 cup raspberries (roughly)
-a handful of blackberries
-3 dessert spoons of natural yoghurt
-a handful of slivered almonds and pine nuts crushed
-a splashing (probably a cup's worth, I didn't measure this out) of Almond milk

Mix all your ingredients together. You can use fresh or frozen berries, I used frozen to save time on crushing ice. 

Apple a day
-2 fresh apples (pink lady or gala are best)
-nothing else! 😱
Method: blend & enjoy

Fruity bliss
-handful of fresh pineapple
-orange juice (already juiced fresh is best/no added sugar if bought)
-2 apples
-handful of frozen raspberries.
Method: blend & enjoy. For a metabolic kick have a glass of warm water & lemon before hand. 

Simple huh! Now if your not a fly by the seat of your pants or go with the flow foodie I suggest you try and let go of the control reigns, juice can really become something else when you just wing it! You'll start making flavour combinations based on your taste buds not on what others suggest, yes it could mean some surprise chef disasters but learning & experiencing self-made success and having the ability to laugh at yourself are two extremely awesome qualities you don't want to miss out on! 

Till next time...enjoy!

Ps: if you've got a smoothie/juice suggestion for me of your own creation hit me up I'd love to try it, photograph it & boast about your foodie talent! Ciao! Xo

Fresh Apple Juice. Super sweet treat!

Tickled pink smoothie!

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