Saturday, 13 December 2014

A joyful Christmas season for all

Everyone loves the Christmas season but they some also love making it unpleasant for others in their quest to get prepared for the season. Not to self everyone- we are all in the Christmas rat race- calm down and everyone will be happier. Sometimes we try and do more than we need to- I'm a classic for this, trying to move house 2 days before I leave for a European holiday- stop. Now. Look after yourself and be joyfully stress less before Christmas, it'll make the season more brilliant than ever.

Here's some tips to brighten your mood and reduce stress in the lead up to Christmas. 

1. Always allow for 30minutes of added travel time and parking. Be prepared to stalk people for a cark park. Patience is the key.

2. Shop block. Buy all the things you need at one shopping centre at once. It means one Carpark, one busy shopping adventure and one adventure and one event of long cues. It's also far more efficient. 

3. Know what your gong to buy before you go. If you don't know trawl the internet for ideas. Pinterest is a wealth of ideas. If your buying electronics make sure you request a match of online prices. 

4. Time frame shopping visits. Super important. When you know how much you have to do to be prepared for guests, the holiday or cooking prep there is nothing worse than knowing a shop stole your time and sanity. Include your 30 minute extra travel allowance.

5. Let people go ahead of you. It might sound crazy but the favour is always returned. Conversely if you are always impatient and butt in expect people to do the same to you. Cities are far better than regional towns with this, because they understand the rat race day in day out. Only exception perhaps- parking.

6. Use the troops. Got young children? Teenagers? Assemble the troops, give them purpose and a job that helps you out (it might also get them out of your hair for a bit).

7. Only do things that can be done at night at night. It sounds weird but why spend a day cooking or writing Christmas cards when you can watch your favourite television show, write your cards out or multitask with dinner and Christmas food prep?

8. Music. Always music and fun music. It doesn't have to be fun Christmas music (in fact you probably need to sub it out for sanity sakes) but play it loud, proud and sing! Laugh and careless what people think!

In any case whether it's these things or others, have a joyful Christmas and make sure you are helping others to be joyful in the lead up to Christmas as well. Till next time...

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