Friday, 5 December 2014

A year of blessings

Every time we come to the end of a year we count all our blessings. It is here that we realise that almost if not for an entire year we have forgotten to count our blessings. It's rather human, sadly. So how do we make it right to ensure 2015 doesn't see us relapse into the same thought patterns?

First of all count your blessings, now! They don't have to big, you have had at least one blessing each week (and even that is a gross underestimation). Write them down! Now make a plan of attack for next year, here's a few of my suggestions. 

Create a unique way to collect your blessings on a regular basis next year. A few ideas:

1. Have a calendar just for blessings- it'll be ridiculously positive.
2. Create a special branch tree, like the one shown below, add a blessing to a branch each time your overwhelmed with simple or epic goodness.
3. Collect all your blessings in a jar and read a few out on each day in December. If your American or follow the Thanksgiving tradition why not start then?
4. Place a coin in a clear, visible jar and each time you are blessed by a situation or another person or experience a silver lining. On December 1 2015 donate your cash and be a blessing to somebody else (or a group of people). Alternatively you can spend it on your loved ones, Christmas festivities or a special holiday. 

For every blessing you receive give a blessing (be a blessing) to others, especially those you don't know or that you do not like. Help them, give directions, help a Mum get the kids and her mountain of groceries to the car, help the lost man find the grocery item or gift he needs. Talk to someone a little longer. Give away things you do not need.

Most of all do not do things with an expectation to get something in return, like recognition. This attitude means you have not provided a blessing but a mere obligation, people will see through that in 2 seconds flat too by the way. Life is better ultimately when we don't know the full outcome of the good things that we do, after all who isn't a fan of intrigue.

Well time to sign off, I hope this post has inspired you to stop the rigmarole and give yourself some added meaning next year. There really is no better currency then to judge your life on blessings. It will always give you grand perspective and keep you positive. 

Have a blessed day. Ciao!

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