Thursday, 7 May 2015

Life's little marvels

How we know God exists in cities

Last night I was watching Evan Almighty; in the film God, played by Morgan Freeman, spoke of how God doesn't give us what we want necessarily but the opportunity to earn what we want or learn how to fight for it. So I decided to bite & create a list for Londoners or city dwellers who are at times burdened with the beautiful hardships of city life. 

You know He exists when:
1. He makes you miss public transport for a minute only to have to wait 20minutes and learn some patience. 
2. You appreciate standing on public transport and lack of smell when someone's spring BO rivals off milk.
3. You feel constantly compelled to give to the poor knowing that you yourself have thought about stealing donation tins for a decent feed or your weekly travel card.
4. You appreciate communication when basic sign language is the only method of interaction. 
5. Conversely you appreciate the ability for facial expressions to speak a multitude of things when you encounter uncouth individuals and save your integrity from being destroyed. 
6. You learn respect and love when somebody you least expect puts you amicably in your place but for your benefit. 
7. You learn hope and faith when one person, makes you grateful for the human race through a random act of kindness towards you or another. 

Every day in the city is a rat race, it takes a conscious decision to slow down for me to really observe what's around. It is the easiest thing to miss all the beauty of life and when we are bogged down, maybe with negative experiences, bad news or a world that seems closed in we only need to, look up. 

Happy Wednesday. Till next time...


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