Friday, 22 May 2015

An avant garde way of travel

Standing on the escalator on my ascent to Waterloo train station today when finally it hit me. Why doesn't society create an adult size baby bjorn? 

Can you imagine? Amongst your regular commuting traffic you lift your head to see the latest form of travel- the man carrier. Suddenly a fully grown male attached to his Schwarznegger counterpart turns and smiles at you from ear to ear. He's having the time of his life and is completely, blissfully aware that his feet are dangling while yours are dragging step by step behind a hoard of human traffic post 12hour shift at the office. Women strapped to men, men strapped to men and so forth; the options are endless really, I mean unless of course you couple up with a weakling, short person or it's summer on the central line. 

It's the very kind of travel you couldn't get angry about and hence perfect for London. Why? 
1. Simply witnessing an adult chest to chest cradling another adult will bring joy to another's face. Let alone a fully suspended forward facing adult on the Jubilee line to Willesden Green. 
2. Adult baby bjorn-ing is the new crossfit. I mean who needs a gym membership when you can carry your mate to work? It just makes sense. 
3. It's a budget saver- 2 people through a tube gate for the price of 1 (if your tricky). 4. Baby bjorn-ing a friend will most certainly always result in at least one 'return the favour' journey which can be used at a time of your convenience which means; sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride! It's travel time! 

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