Friday, 22 May 2015

What is bravery?

When you think of a brave character what comes to mind? For most I imagine it would be the character who saves the day, helps out others, takes a great risk that appears to come at a huge potential cost to themselves. So what is bravery? 

The presence of courage? The ability to overcome adversity? To show strength when it would be easier to crumble? To me this is where the non-stereotypical character in life wins the bravery race. A person who, for example, chooses to stay in an unhappy, unhealthy situation knowing day in and out that it does not serve them at all is far braver than a typical hero. To me risking your life doing crazy stunts that scare the hell out of you, climbing dangerous mountains, traveling solo, uprooting your life and taking a chance elsewhere are all typical kind of risks that whilst scary at least give you some freedom. You aren't locked in a cage. 

Granted I'm not somebody who has chosen to live like this for decades at a time but I do think that in part we all allow ourselves to have this sort of senseless bravery that traps our freedom and inhibits us from what we are entitled to experience in our lives. Whether that is travel, a new job, being in a happy relationship or simply experiencing the joy of change every once in a while; these risks are the ones that will give back, the ones we won't regret, the ones we will write about in a story. However we must not forget how life's hurdles handed us this stupid bravery in order to set us free again otherwise we wouldn't be the characters that we are. 

Today for the first time since I was 13years of age I am unemployed (from a paid job). It came about not because my employer wasn't happy with me, because they were and they still ask for me back everyday, but rather because for the first time in my life I decided that happiness had to take priority over a monetary value. Perhaps I will not look as the most employable person, especially after posting this, though to me I see it as a positive opportunity to find a workplace and career that fits with my positive outlook on life and helps me grow as a person and a professional. I never thought I would be what I used to deem as 'one of those people' who resign from a job with seemingly not a thought in the world. But I was wrong, resigning (from a workplace not my career I enjoy it!) was a hard, long, thought- out decision; it was also one of the best things I ever did. I am happier, healthier, my passion and zest for life is back in leaps and bounds. Up to this point in time I have worked ridiculously hard to build my career to what it is now an I have no doubt in my capabilities to find other work. When I find that workplace, that gives me freedom to grow, makes me happy to walk into work everyday and fits with who I am- I know I'll be the most dedicated worker there. In the meantime I get to meet people working different jobs (as they come along) from completely different perspectives, cultures and backgrounds and to me nothing could be more refreshing nor important. 

Till next time...

Jules :)  

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