Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It's just the beginning!

There's a lady who frequents local coffee parlours, sets herself up with a skinny cappuccino and a notepad of any random shape or size. She buys a coffee and stays for an hour- her mind occupied by the very ink falling onto her pages, though her face says she's uncertain about where the ink's journey will lead to. Quiet pauses, spatial stares and random fits of laughter accompany her attire and then she's gone; until the next time when the notepad strikes again- never planned or poised just as random as her entries and exits from various coffee shops she encounters.
This is me. I sit in coffee shops satisfying my caffeine addiction all the while creating stories, poems, songs that enable me to capture the world in its beauty and its downfall. In many cases I do not consciously know where my writing takes me at first, I simply enjoy the journey that it takes me on. To me life is a stage and the men and women potentially great characters for a story. I adore the ability words have to say a multitude of things in a small space and time & truly believe there is more about what we aren't saying that should be listened to than what we hear. Great writers I've studied like William Wordsworth, William Blake, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Barrett Browning inspired my ability to see the world in a different view and spurred on what is now 10 years worth of writing. I'm looking forward to sharing my short stories, poems, songs, prose and quotes with you. I hope you enjoy; if not may some of my ideas at the very least create A Written Revolution in you that blossoms into a great love of good literature.



  1. I can't wait to read more! I have no idea where my last comment went?

    1. Thanks Bettina! I look forward to sharing more! Exciting times! :)