Friday, 18 January 2013

Symbolism & a great glass of wine

Hello readers! I hope you are all well & that you enjoyed William Blake's 'London'. Tomorrow I am embarking on a roadtrip to the scene of where my niece will become my Goddaughter, I'm super honoured and looking forward to getting away a bit. Since I'll be away, I thought I'd leave you with a few things to enjoy until I return.

Today, I researched the meanings of some symbols that are seen on gifts we regularly give as traditions to others at major milestones. It was something that was spurred on by the purchasing of a Christening gift for Emelia. What I found was fascinating- there are soo many symbols out there that are scarcely used these days for their traditional meanings- what's more I found it very interesting to look into the history of some of these symbols. Go and have a look at them, from the birth stones to the meanings of christening gifts and the meaning of each individual flower. Its lovely when you understand a little more history. I used my new found knowledge to develop a poem, simple yet succint (poetry's not my forte as such, but I'll share it after the little girl has seen it!). Aside from this the day certaintly had an interesting & inspirational array of activities planned because later on when I was enjoying cooking chicken & basil tagliatelle and sipping on a rather large glass of Moscato I got lost in the moment and ended up at home for the night watching a movie instead of out at my local. I suppose you wonder- how in the world is that inspirational or interesting? I guess its the love you gain from doing something you didn't realise you were actually pretty good at (cooking) and thoroughly enjoy and secondly enjoying something that light heartedly makes you think of what is important. If you haven't seen 'A Thousand Words' I suggest you get your hands on a copy. It really made me think what things would I say if I only had a thousand words- what things would I consider to be most important to communicate & why give them that importance? I wondered, would a 1000 be words be easy for A.W.R readers? I hope you all enjoy your weekend, take some time for family, friends, YOU, laughter & silliness amongst all of your own writing brilliance. Bon voyage lovelies....

Jules :)


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