Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The irony of late

Irony. Isn't it funny how you still want something even though you are probably toxic to it?  That is how I feel about rain at the moment. My little coastal community has had approproximately 800mm of rain, the most ever recorded in history, yet here I am sitting at my computer desk willing it to rain after a weekend of flooding. Funny how things happen. Plenty has raced through my mind since the floods began, for those of you who don't know it started in Cairns a Far North Queensland city and continued on to my little town of Boyne Island and is still dumping hoards of moisture although now its ventured off to central New South Wales. I've never seen anything like it. I've also never seen such a great time to grab lovely inspiration from people. This afternoon I was walking along the beach looking at the beached boats; dead, overturned fish, and the cliff face of sand trying to recall where the sand dunes once were. There were masses of rocks, old and bleached coral underneath sand that once existed. There was even a long, concrete boat ramp that suddenly appeared. For 30 years my family has lived in this community in the same house right near the river mouth yet none of us knew these things existed. The boat ramp almost looked as if an out-of-work concreter organised its construction earlier on that day. Very bizarre & highly intriguing. I could literally walk up and down the beach, inspecting life, death and mangled wrecks and draw so much inspiration from what I see, but its not the sad things that come to mind when I look at them. When I was growing up in Boyne Island there used to be these basic, cricketty beach shacks that made the beach feel authentic, even though they were out of their time (before they were soon demolished and turned into million dollar homes) they held a great sense of wonder about the history of previous people and the old times in the area I lived in. Other thoughts that fleeted through my mind as I walked along what was left of the beach was all the different groups of people that had suddenly become acquainted because of a sad event/tragedy. Neighbours knew neighbours all of a sudden and were on the look out to help them. Some serious good spirit stood up in the community and helped out random people who had flooded homes. I love that kind of stuff. I could write, read about that stuff all day. Fantasy is great but let's face it the reality of pure humanity simply helping each other is a story line that never gets over done. I'm not giving you an image of the beach in its 'sad' state, I'm giving you an image of the beach today when I was enjoying soaking up its beauty whilst doing yoga (at sunrise). It will be your Inspiration station- if you have gained nothing from my words. Also...I encourage you to do two of the following things...

1. Get on Pinterest and look at the YES board, it centres on positivity. If you're unfamiliar with Pinterest feel free to flick me a question and I'll assist. Basically once you find this board you'll have a series of oohh and ahh moments whereby you will be hanging out for the next post.

2. Check out this site for your Already Read segment- pick and choose from Elizabeth Browning's work. Let us know what you think!

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Ciao lovelies!


  1. The weather (around the world) has been darn weird lately. And isn't it amazing how much we humans are effected by it. It is astonishing.

    New reader/follower. The sunrise (?) photo above is beautiful.

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    1. Hey, yeh the weather around the world has indeed been bizarre. Last year this time I was living in the UK and it hadn't snowed yet, however now its crazy snow. The sunrise is at my local beach. I'd love to link up to your blog. Thanks for reading! Ciao! :)