Friday, 25 January 2013

The return

I’m back! It’s great to be writing again after a little break away. I trust you are enjoying reading, writing and sharing joys with others. It has been raining like crazy here, 300 to 400mm of rain in about 30hours, it reminds me of wet, London days however they were a little more subdued then Queensland down pours. Still amongst my puddle jumping in my Hunters, I can’t say I’m still not reminiscing over snowy times of my London living days. I hope all those in the Northern Hemisphere are soaking up the beauty of the winter season! Before I left I told you that I would share with you a little poem I had written to teach my niece, now Goddaughter, about what the meaning of a bluebird is, as I got her a padlock brace embellished with it, so here it is.

The Bluebird

On this little bracelet holds a bird they say brings happiness for you
It’s a symbol that’s been passed down generations too
It is a reminder of prosperity, good health and cheerfulness
But most of all, it’s to remind you dear, that for you I want the best.

I apologise for a bit of a hold up on the segments & that they are displayed in a post format and not in their own section. I am definitely new at the skill of blogging; however I have enlisted the help of a great friend and fellow blogger Bettina Rae who writes for Little Old Souls. Little Old Souls is a blog for mothers and creative sewing folk that add a classy, vintage touch to baby and young children’s clothing. She does custom orders and also provides inspiration for those mothers who are finding something to do with their time while their baby naps. Check out her website pronto and fall in love with her designs!

Today I have added a fair bit for you. There are a few images in my Inspiration Station post to get you thinking. I encourage you to start with a word and let it build from there. Truth is I never used to write every day and still today the only thing I write consistently is my journal. I found writing a journal made me feel sane when at times I felt like my world was going insane. If nothing else I encourage you to begin a journal and look back on it even a few weeks after you have written and examine what you wrote about. Not only will you learn more about your character but you’ll get an idea of your writing style, how your humour or descriptions come about in your writing and from there you can use Inspiration Station to try the same skill you already  have honed in your journals to apply to images or quotes you see. This leads me to the next thing, I have included some quotes I have written this week. Quotes is where I began after journal writing- it was in many cases small muses that vented how I felt about things, positive and negative. See what you think and PLEASE DO, share what you think or some of your own. I really LOVE hearing what people have got around and I would LOVE to know what blogs you are reading & who inspires you.

Until next time…I hope you enjoy what I share with you & remember, writing was never meant to be kept to one’s self! Ohh and keep your eyes peeled for a new look coming very soon!


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  1. Awwww thanks. X I'll get there with your design. Stupid assignment!