Sunday, 14 July 2013

What's new & next?

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Well its definitely true that things happen when you are happily busy. The last little while I've improved my diet, responded to body alerts to 'take it easy' and got my self acquainted with new people that are now part of life's little circles. There's been travel, adventure travel plans altered due to weather, first birthday celebrations and a new job. A hectic yet lovely ride. I'm so pleased that what I managed to get down on paper and napkins can now make its way to the blog!

How brilliant is it to start something new? It doesn't matter what it is, it always gives you a fresh beginning; it is definitely as good as a holiday! On Monday I entered my new office, clear shelves and desk and immediately I was a buzz with all the opportunities you have to decorate it differently, make it my own space, a total reflection of who I am.

Each day we should wake up and rejoice in the Lord, knowing He has chosen us and equipped us to do what He says we can do.

It's probably no big surprise that a big part of me has been my travelling experiences, living in London and learning about different cultures. I miss it immensely. I am lucky to say that since nailing down, having bare bones weekends of enjoying the free joys like the beach and focussing on fitness I have finally got myself into a position to think seriously about travel again (I also have to thank my new job stability for that!). It is such a nice feeling, living in debt, yeh totally not fun- but do I regret it for the experiences I had? Hell no! So the question is...where to?

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

I have made a list of itineraries (I love that sort of stuff- whether its for me or others) and now its up to sitting down and nutting it out! With budget book, Lonely Planet, previous experience and a couple of magazines to widen my mind to places I may have not thought about yet- I'm feeling excited about that next chapter!

Oh o. Something's happening :D #love #travel #live

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