Saturday, 2 February 2013


And so it begins!

#1  There's nothing quite like the wrinkle lines caused by the vivacious laughter of a school of men who gather each week to have some serious man partners, no wives...just decent man to man time.

#2 Love the feel of breeze sweeping through your hair, relaxing your mind; the reminder that something doesn't have to be physically seen to know that it exists.

Want to do the Love challenge this month? Write down the things that you love about people or experiences you have each day for the 28 days of February. The trick is that you cannot repeat previous 'loves' so to speak. Share what you've experienced each day with me online or link me up to your blog or page today!


  1. basically Bettina the challenge is to find at least 1 thing in people or your surroundings that you love for each day of the month and then write about them. It might be a word or a sentence like what I've got here. Most people will find more than one thing but the idea is not to repeat one throughout the month. Apologies if it was confusing I did my explanation on the other post. I really needed to think about that a little more.