Sunday, 17 March 2013


Ever liked a page on Facebook for its great little signposts; images that contain great little quotes or bits of advice? I definitely have done this. One of my personal favourites that I feel is particularly uplifting (and fantastically also Australian) is Healing with Art . However recently I have been quite confronted with negative message after negative message and they usually contain explicit language.

For starters I think explicit language is not necessary for the production of any good literature including film, it simply does not add to the story line. Although I concede occasionally it can at times be used to portray a character in a particular light, however I still believe good writers can avoid the use of profanity to portray characters.

Now, back to these 'signposts' as such. They are indeed very popular, Australia's edition of Cleo recently did an article on the addiction to these and I have got to admit I love looking at some of them on Pinterest. But what about these ones (expletives have been removed)...


So the reason why these posts disturb me is because I have to wonder, what is the purpose of them? They are in no way helpful- they don't promote maturity, positivity or self discipline. They focus on the fact that other people are selfish and maintain our own selfishness. Why so violent? Why always swearing?

Why are we promoting that our problems should be kept quiet and that the problem is other people not our inability to want to talk? Too see help and to deal with things in a mature manner. And sadly I refer to adults as well, its not just teenagers raging up social networking sites.

Social media is a very powerful medium of communication and I fear that the younger generation or those who do not look at pieces of writing with an open mind and make judgements themselves based on balanced ideas of life and situations will acquire attitudes that promote negative behaviour towards one another. No one ever said that anger ever made the world go round.

So today I intend to share some positive signposts as a way of getting rid of this rubbish, if you feel the same perhaps we can get our words out doing some good in the community!

...Agree/disagree with me, tell me what you think!


  1. I love this post Jules. Great points. Can you space your paragraphs out a bit more so it's easier to read?

  2. Thanks for constructive feedback. I hope how its presented is better now.