Friday, 1 March 2013

Thank you!

First & foremost today...Thank you very much for reading since this blogs conception in the end of January. I'm so pleased to have people coming on board from what is now 10 different nations, with over 720 views since the beginning. I get so much joy out of writing things with you. This morning I was totally gutted to find that a post I had written didn't post yesterday. I had written an epic post yesterday at my local Maccas (I know classy right?) to finish off the Love Challenge Month of February and to share my joy with you. I guess yesterday wasn't the time to be sharing that with you.'s the day! Again, thanks so much for reading I really appreciate it! Today I want to know about you...all I can see is statistics of my readers which is great but that tells me nothing about who you really are so....

What are your passions? Other than literature?
What & who do you love reading?
What are the best things about your nation & culture?

With people from American, UK, Trinidad, Russia, South Korea and many other places reading including Australia I would love to know what makes you tick. Plus let's face it, learning about each other is the most irefreshing thing we can ever do for ourselves, it takes us out of our own world. I love learning about others and their cultures and in my experience Australia has MUCH to learn from many other nations, despite how 'lucky' others think we are our country could always be better. I hope your Friday is fantastic, I thank you again for your support & I so look forward to getting to know more about you.

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Jules! :)

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