Sunday, 17 March 2013

The all inspiring beer!

Hello All! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This Inspiration Station today is short & sweet. It's about settings. Some people I have spoken to struggle to describe settings. The best thing I find is to think about our SENSES when describing settings. If you write to your senses, you will awaken the audience from the get go. So take yourself to a place, get something to eat/drink and think:
-What does it look like? What adjectives can I use to describe? Can I up it a little to use some figurative language like metaphors and similes?
-What noises can I hear? Listen for all of them; people, nature- birds, wind, rain drops.
-How does my beverage or food taste?
-What is its texture like in my mouth? How does it make me feel?
-How does the whole place make you feel?

After a while it gets quite simple, quick and easy to do. Don't worry if it takes time, its really quite relaxing just soaking up time enjoying the quiet and pondering life for a bit. Here's one I did on a Friday afternoon at a pub.

"Beer- delicious after a hot day in the sun. Thirst immediately quenched. Cool hits the back of my throat. Meanwhile the breeze sends my hair flying, drops temperature, flickers clothing on my body for moments at a time. Birds nearby are chirping more delicately than the aged drinkers cackle. The refreshing quench of liquid gold leaves no question of why you'd have more. Folded umbrellas sway in the returning breeze as the grass fronds dance between the hip hopped tiles leading to a quiet blue table- desolate."

Now here is an approximate image of what I was looking at whilst I was writing this little piece (I forgot to take my own because I was enjoying the quiet too much!)

Please note images are courtesy of Google images.

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