Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Confessions of a house sitter

Slide open the curtains, peer through to the scenery as you lie in crisp bed sheets rested in a house on top of a hill. As the sun hits noon, the heat warms the skin and makes the Jacuzzi seated on the deck even more appealing then in the early hours of the morning. The golden retrievers walk around the edge of the spa wagging their tails in excitement for the fact that they have company, ball clenched tightly in their jaws ever ready for a game of fetch. This description is an image of just one day with one client's pets in their home, it is the answer to the frequently asked Friday question...

What do you do on a weekend? Common place question asked by a host of people on your average Friday. But still I find that when people ask me what I do on weekends and find out that I house sit they get excited and quietly start planning their holiday away from home. Little do they know, their home becomes a sweet little oasis of freedom and a chance to make a dream a reality if for just a weekend at a time.

For several years now I have been wanting to get a dog, it has become even more apparent after I lost my precious dog Samantha 1 week before I was due to return to Australia from the UK. Combine that with my desire to own a home (despite not having the funds because I'm putting adventure first) and you've got a 'Faux Pad' complete with pet.

For the last year I have been house sitting in my local area and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The first time I wasn't unsure about how I felt about it all, but I grew to love it quickly. Saving up for travel living with the olds & using house sitting to earn extra cash on top of my 'real job' and all the while getting to 'own' someone else's pet feels just as good as having my own minus the mass responsibility.

Since beginning house sitting I have experienced both highs and lows of the job. My first client lost one of her dogs to old age and it felt like I was losing Sam all over again. But I was kidding myself if I thought I wasn't going to get attached to other people's animals. In the high moments I have seen babies walk for the first time, taught dogs new tricks, met some fabulous people, but most of all I love how happy people become knowing their pets are safe whilst they are travelling. Its the perfect win- win situation.

 It probably wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone then that at this point in time I am house sitting and when this house sit is over, I have yet another house sit. I enjoy the variety of pets and clients- especially getting to know the different family dynamics. It's also super lovely when you're greeted by a pooch who is ecstatic to see you. So whilst I enjoy lavish perks that some of my client's houses offer the best is still in the company of man's best- the dog.

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