Monday, 22 July 2013

My Liebster acceptance questions answered!


It’s been a while coming, a few months ago I was nominated for a Liebster blogging award for little blogs that grab people’s attention, it’s a kind of pay it forward process and something of which I felt quite privileged to be listed as a part of somebody else’s list. Since then however I have been meaning to answer some questions as part of acceptance of this award, so I have finally done it. Here we go…

  Questions for my nominees

1. How do you normally find new blogs to read?

I find blogs through Pinterest, Google plus and a lovely little blogging community Aussie Blogs to Love- which is growing exponentially. I also find blogs when I’m just looking for something specifically through google (eg; travel ideas/tips etc).  I typically follow smaller blogs like mine; it feels great to support fresh new talent in the blogging world.

2. What's your preferred leisure activity when you have a spare hour to yourself?

An hour to myself- singing around the house or more recently at the beach, bare feet in the sand & with no regard for the public.

3. What's your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure would be head to toe pampering sessions at the local beauty salon. Guilty? Because it’s ridiculously expensive to get everything done. Cheaper guilty pleasure- bath tub, bottle of wine, acoustic playlist.

4. When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in January this year (2013). The reason I started was to have a means of getting my writing out in the world and hopefully start getting known for what I love doing. I was significantly encouraged by a publisher I met in Cork, Ireland to get my work out there in as many means as possible, so I followed his advice., albeit about 6 months later and still with nervousness about my website illiteracy. However, A Written Revolution is also very much something that is just for me; achieving little goals like new readers, comments and nominations are just an awesome bonus!

 5. What's in your handbag?

Wallet, glasses, memorabilia from my late Grandmother, lipstick, tissues, water, mints, camera, pen, paper.

6. Name your three desert island albums or movies.

My acoustic playlist, Remember the Titans and Amazing Grace.

7. What philosophy do you live by?

Don’t care what people think, do what you want to do and be happy about doing it. Never reject experiences for things & remember when life gets dodgy remember that everything happens for a good reason.

8. Are you doing your dream job? If not, what is it?

I don’t think I’m doing my dream job, but I know that I am good at my job and I’m making a difference. Plus it pays the bills & my dream job typically doesn't have a great track record for financial stability. My dream job would be singing acoustic covers and originals in a lounge bar with a grand piano and an acoustic Fender as accompaniment, as a supplement to a writing career.

9. Favourite item of clothing?

Probably cute hats & sweet accessories. I guess that’s not clothing though hey- but they do completely change clothing.

10. Favourite apps or programs for blogging/photography?

My favourite apps for photography are Instagram and Instaframe. I also enjoy using the Blogger app on my iPhone as well, gives a bit more freedom- however the layout never turns out as well as I would like.

11. Describe your last 'aha' or 'forehead slap' moment.

I was telling my brother recently of some great little ‘firsts’ I had accomplished on my holidays, first time I had been to a zombie film, first time I’d eaten Turkish and then he asked ‘so you’ve never had a kebab? They’re Turkish food.’ Yeh, total aha moment. Like my family and good friends say, ‘She’s very intelligent but sometimes I really wonder if there’s anything there, I guess something’s gotta give.’ Got to love the old backwards compliment. Hahaha.

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