Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Topic writing- what to choose?


Topic Writing

At times we involve ourselves in projects that require us to write to topics, like the Everyday in May project I completed earlier this year. When we have a very specific topic it can become hard to identify ways to enthral an audience, especially if we know hundreds of others are writing to the very same topics. So what is the best way to write to topics? I have compiled a wee list of suggestions to nail topic writing.

  • On a monthly project have a look at the topics and decide what the overall mood of the topics are- choose which ones you are going to add comical colouring to, make sure there is enough variation between the different days.
  • Think about the topic based on the idiosyncrasies that exist between people and situations involved around that particular topic. For example: If your writing topic is 'luxury' you could always write a piece on how the avid luxury traveller becomes confronted by the flip flops of a lastminute.com guru mid Sheraton experience.
  • Think of different ways to present the writing. Can you create a quote or image that is just as effective as a paragraph of work?
  • Research images on the topic (some of us admittedly don't have the ability to witness the topics we are required to write about) to get the juices flowing. You'll create a mental Rolodex of descriptors that will cohesively connect your thoughts together in a clever piece of writing. My suggested place to go...Pinterest.
  • Be brave. Sometimes people react the most to hearing about YOU. If that means sharing with your audience some inside information let them in. After all, people will read what they connect with and nothing could be more real than yourself!
I hope you find these tips helpful. Please do share any others you have found useful. What's the good of knowledge if we aren't sharing it anyway?

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