Friday, 14 February 2014

10 Reasons why we should celebrate Valentine's day...loved up or not

Every year, as I've mentioned in a previous post, people think of ways to celebrate or surpress the thought of Valentine's Day. Whether we are American, loved up or not we should definitely celebrate it. Here's 10 reasons why.

1. We need a reminder that love is what keeps the world going around. Too much focus on life is on the negative when we should be focusing on positives...always.
Love Makes the World go Around  by Oksana Borodina/ What the world needs now, is love sweet love. it's the only thing that we got too little of.

2. Love is worth celebrating in all its forms it shouldn't take a 2013 Disney movie, Frozen, to show us that we focus on romantic love too much.
So true... Love Frozen

3. Loving yourself is important. Those that love themselves exude happiness and confidence. You should enjoy at least one day a year where you celebrate the loveliness about yourself.
love yourself first

4. Love makes you feel good. Whether it is love of another, loving acts of kindness or love for food we never lose from loving- worth remembering!
Love feels good. . . ♥

5. Love makes us hopeful. We need to stop and remember how positive hope in our and others' lives and place it in our hearts everyday.
"No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible."-George Chakiris pinned with Pinvolve #inspiration #hope

6. Love makes us childlike. As adults we are always calculating moves like pawns in a chess game- love removes knowledge and makes way for faith; trusting despite fear. Its worthwhile reliving those childish, brave and funny moments.
No one loves like a child does...  ~I want "for real" love~

7. Love makes us stronger. We all get hurt but we should remember these with smiles on our faces today because those experiences all grow us emotionally and make us the strong, more lovable people for the right ones we meet.
Love makes us strong

8. Love softens us. It might sound silly but we all have worked with play dough as a child that was stiff as a rock and decided it was better throwing out then trying to work with it. Love mellows us, makes us malleable- someone that is open, friendlier, more kind and better to be around, irrespective of how we experience love romantic or not that's worth remembering.

9. Love leaves us preciously vulnerable; allowing yourself to be bare butt and naked in emotion means you'll get to see someone else for ALL their glorious beauty as well.
We know that love makes us vulnerable

10. Love...real love...always makes you a better, happier person. Whether we have it right now or it's just around the corner the excitement of not knowing what comes next is fantastic in itself.

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