Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Get a special person who....

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.  ~ Alexander Smith
Lately you have probably seen the article titled, 'Don't date a girl who travels.' Perhaps you have even seen the responses to this rather jaded attempt to force all the positive attributes of a travelling lady into a negatively minded, picky nit wit. I don't know about you but my Facebook news feed is already starting to fill up with positive and negative memes about Valentine's Day, its the usual hoorah about 'poor me I'm single' or 'can't wait, its going to be such a special day' either way I want to say this, forget the rubbish about why you shouldn't date someone or what 'issues' a potential partner might see in you and do this....

Get a special person who...
  • Isn't afraid to acknowledge their feelings & your significance, to you or their friends.
  • Remembers you even on days that aren't special.
  • Knows what they want and strives to achieve it (including you, don't invite laziness).
  • Fights with you & wants to make up afterwards...always.
  • Likes you- because they'll always be able to love you regardless what you go through.
  • Thinks your most outstanding when your ordinary looking (sweaty, dirty, tired, hung over). 
  • Torture yourself if people don't have the same ideas as you, there's billions of people in the world, make your life interesting and as corny as it'll find the Valentine where you are meant to. Not because you've stopped being a traveller because you read an article with a biased view on independent women or somehow internalised that perhaps blondes do have more fun so you best pretend you were never a brunette to snaffle that handsome dude at the local meat market but because you haven't sacrificed who you are to be what someone needs.
I hope you all feel super loved this next week & a bit. Ciao!

So true!! Never thought I'd meet someone who I could be so comfortable with but I was that lucky

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